Mon, December 12th, 2016
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A Map Of Every Country’s Tourism Slogan

Out of ideas for a holiday getaway? Perhaps these tourism slogans will fill you in on what to expect.

To help families find the perfect destination for a vacation, FamilyBreakFinder has created a map of every country’s slogans from the literal ones to the dramatic.

This map shows the every country’s tourism slogan*. From the straightforward (‘Travel in Slovakia – good idea’) to the dramatic (‘Colombia is magical realism’) these slogans are an insight into the ways tourism departments in countries across the world sell their countries to visitors. There are 9 exclamations used (Lithuania’s previous slogan used three with ‘See it! Feel it! Love it!’ but is now ‘Real is beautiful’) and the most popular word used is ‘Beautiful’ which appears six times. Click on the map below to see it in full size.

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