Sat, April 15th, 2017
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How can less be more?


An Introduction to Minimal Living

Take a look around you. You’ll see that you have more things than you really need or that serve your purpose. How can that be bad, you might always want these things later, right? Here’s an example for you.

How often does it happen that you are looking for something extremely important in haste and have to sift through a pile of unimportant things that you haven’t even used in a long time? It gets a little frustrating and when you give it a thought, you realize that you don’t need many of those things at all.

The unnecessary takes up more than just your physical space — it adds on to the clutter in your home and workspace, brings stress and consumes your time that you’d rather spend doing something meaningful.

One of the major reasons we feel the need to take a break from our routine is so that we don’t have to make a crazy number of decisions in a day and stress ourselves out. This implies that lesser the number of decisions that you have to take in a day, the happier and more relaxed your mind is. What if you can implement that in your day to day living?

De-clutter and make space for things that matter. When you make this change in your surroundings, it is bound to impact you in a broader sense. You will live with intention and invest only in thoughts and things that are worth your time.

Minimalism is about living simply, being more with less. It makes you question everything you have, identify what is essential to you and let go of the unnecessary. At its core, it requires you to truly understand what can bring you long lasting happiness.

It isn’t about letting go of your desires, but knowing yourself, your purpose and consciously making decisions that are aligned with who you are. For that reason, Minimalism is extremely personal. Every person accepts and adapts to this philosophy as per their lifestyle.

Live simple, live clutter-free!


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